How to choose reliable, high-quality, attractive office chairs and armchairs in which you can safely spend working hours? And work, and not be distracted by aching legs, neck and back.

How to choose chairs that fit perfectly into the interior, pleasing with their design and workmanship?
Very simple: go to our electronic catalog, find the option you need, select a color and order.

Office furniture, especially office chairs and armchairs take on most of the visual perception. They are an indicator of the success and financial stability of the company along with other important elements of the interior.

To choose the right office chairs and armchairs, it is important to know a few details.
For example, there are three types of chairs: designed for the head, for the employee and for the visitor.
The chair of the head should express the status and business position due to design and quality. Therefore, it is best not to skimp and purchase a model from expensive materials (leather, wood). The upholstery of the chair should be breathable and maintain body temperature.
In addition, the armchair should have armrests, a head restraint, reliable support on wheels and height adjustment. By the way, the armrests relieve tension not only in the hands, but also in the back and neck due to the comfortable position of the hands.
The back of the chair should be regulated and follow the contours of the back and body. It must be regulated so that at the right moment the seated person can lean back and relax.

As for the chairs for staff, they should be compact, ergonomic and comfortable so that employees do not need breaks due to discomfort. Quality and reliability are the strongholds of the choice of furniture for staff, as the chairs used daily must maintain their appearance for a long time. Also in the seats, the height adjustment mechanism for any height is important.
Depending on the duties of the employees, the seats can be equipped with armrests and a backrest angle.
For a busy office, mobile wheelchairs with the ability to rotate around its axis are useful.

And finally, chairs for visitors. They should be soft and comfortable. There is no need to purchase chairs of complex design, but, nevertheless, they should look neat and presentable. Do not choose too light colors, because they quickly get dirty. And if the chair is not restored or replaced on time, its untidy appearance will create a bad impression on the office guests.

All these factors are the basis in choosing office chairs and armchairs. In our catalog you will find not only beautiful, but also furniture that is comfortable and adapted to any office. At any time during the working day, you can get advice from our managers by calling or writing to them.
Choose furniture competently together in our company!

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