The Reception Desk of any large office, hotel or other or institution must meet accepted standards and meet the level of the company. Depending on the chosen style and purpose, the reception furniture set includes a counter, office chair for the secretary, wardrobe, safe, upholstered furniture, chairs for visitors. The visual burden usually falls on the workplace of the secretary or administrator. The front desk reception desk, assembled by OFFICEINTERIOR.AE, will look relaxed and stylish. The manufacture of the front desk economy and business class will fully satisfy the most sophisticated wishes.

It is necessary to correctly assess the fact that the first impression forms an attitude towards the enterprise, thoughts about working together and simply remains in memory for a long time. A beautiful reception desk will serve not only as a stylish interior element, but also for its intended purpose - a conveniently designed workplace for an employee. Custom-made, they divide the large halls into visually separate work areas, in the limited spaces, they accent the interior. Racks are classified as straight and angular, arched and p-shaped. At the request of the customer, elements of complex structures are made with the possibility of rebuilding.

Making custom-made reception desks is a great way to give up tedious furniture shopping trips. After all, reception under the order is:

The design that you define.

Any suitable color, size, material.

Delivery and assembly of furniture in your office.

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