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Office Interior is the best manufacturer specialized in furniture resource for companies wishing to purchase modern office furniture for their commercial office spaces. We provide for the most interesting, cutting-edge up-to-date office furniture designs like reception desk furniture and our unique Collection has attracted the attention of progressive companies from all industries across the United Arab Emirates. Our Design Office Tool is available 24/7 for creative office space design ideas, inspiration, and furniture planning. Our office is located in Al Qouz 3, which features a collection of quality modern office furniture designs like luxury and, affordable reception desk that you will not find anywhere else. At your service is our expert team of consultants to assist make your business furniture planning and purchasing experience easy and affordable.

If you have the duty to furnish your new office space or maybe you are moving into a new creative office space with no idea with where to begin, take pause and relax, Office Interior can guide you through the entire process from beginning to end. We will also help you work within your budget which we are going to recommend value-oriented contemporary office furniture designs that will suit your stylish, modern look which you will be proud of hence, reflecting your brand. Office Interior foster productivity and invigorate your office with your company's unique brand character. From our Dubai office furniture collection such as our unique modern office reception desk, our product impersonates and reflects the most innovative and progressive designs with a contemporary wood reception desk, glass reception table, gold reception desk get your office reception table online, and save yourself the stress of wandering around.

Stylish commercial business reception desk solutions on our website are available in various finish configurations, options, and sizes, have different complementary pieces that are specified for other office areas to obtain a cohesive, professionally designed visual look throughout your space and again, our professional staff is here to take you through the entire planning process and aid you connect the dots easily. We are located in Dubai Al Qouz 3 and we provide delivery nationwide and installation. We do service corporate clients across the United Arab Emirates.

Office Reception Desks Dubai-Your ideal reception desk

We provide our customers with customizing office furniture reception desk of different shapes, sizes, and colors like for example small salon reception desk for sale for small business owners or better still small white reception desk. Among our collection we do provide our clients with wood reception desk, metal reception desk like a glass reception table with modernize design features that reflect the brand of your business.

We try as much as possible to satisfy all our customers because we do produce both luxury custom made modern office reception counter that has many beautiful designs like for example Steel case reception desk and, a cheap reception desk which is made with little or no design features. Most at times, it is hard to find a unique and ideal reception office desk for your business that is why Office Interior is here to make things very simple for you. You just need to call us or visit our website and we are going to delegate our experts to assist you to come out with the best office reception desk that will be suitable for your installation area after carrying out a duly examination process. Check out some of our modern reception furniture that will be good to build a good business impression.   

Online Reception Desk Dubai-Do you want a piece of Reception furniture that can transform your office lobby and gives it a look that is more appealing and inviting?

We are not going to waste your time giving you the definition and the use of an office reception desk because we believe by now you already know what is a reception desk and what it is used for. Straight away we are going to make you better understand some ideas when searching for the best office reception furniture for your business. It should be well noted that the reception area of your office greatly affects the impression of visitors and customers about your business. In that case, your reception furniture should be attractive and very functional and more to that when looking at the designs or maybe you want an ergonomic reception desk never you forget that space also needs to be maximized to secure comfort and mobility. If you find it difficult to analyze all these requirements then you need an expert from Office Interior and we do assist you with that with no charges. the points below are to help you come out with the best reception desk that will boost your business morals

Style or tone of your office reception furniture. Note that the style of your front desk counter area needs to provide continuity depending on the type of business you run. For instance, traditional furnishings will not give a good fitting for a tech start-up company. Modern and updated designs for the reception area will be the best option we can recommend for you instead of a dated style.

The layout of your reception furniture. Make sure your reception desk and other furniture are assembled in a way so much so that it does not hinder foot traffic areas. Make sure you leave out adequate space for the waiting area, but at the same time furnish enough room for the receptionist to work comfortably. Our experts can best assist you with that. Also, your reception office furniture should be practically functional. When buying an executive reception desk furniture for the reception area make sure it is really needed. When your business does not entail a waiting area, you just require a good quality reception desk to chaperon your visitors before they get assisted in other areas within your business axioms. Lastly, the comfort of your office furniture reception. Your reception table office furnishings need to render both comfort and convenience to your employees. The desk should not be too low or too high for example clinic reception desk, making sure your chairs also have the proper ergonomics for decent back support. The best furniture used in most reception areas is to ensure a better working experience for employees and with the help of our experts, we can make all these simple for you by providing you with the best reception desk in Dubai that will meet these elements.

What type of material we use in producing our collection of an office reception desk for sale in Dubai

Office Interior uses 4 main types of hybrid material that are used by most furniture companies in the furniture industry in the United Arab Emirates in the production of our reception desk collection with a wood reception desk being the most common option to be precise German Egger board which is a very solid firm and has a long life span. We produce some wooden desk attaching melamine material which makes it more durable and stainless and these types are a bit expensive due to its overwhelming feature. We always try as much to satisfy our customers if they are having a small budget that cannot afford expensive wooden custom reception desk which is very solid, we do have recommendations that will suit their budget.

We also use steel to produce some of our reception desk collection. Actually, the whole reception desk is not made of steel because it will be expensive coming out with designs making the finish end product expensive. We apply the steel material on the leggings of the desk give it a strong firm fitting on the floor base which is either screwed, clients appreciate the complete range for its fine finish with an excellent appeal. It has customized specifications with drawers, drawer locks, varying color, sizes, and styles combination suitable for your ideal office

We do use glass to produce some of our reception desks which is usually attacked on the top or sides given the desk a beautiful design, this desk is also stain and scratch resistance and does not break easily. We have always received positive feedback from customers that bought this type for their offices.

Your reception desk ideal shape that best suits your reception

In as much as the design is very important for your ideal reception desk so do the shape. After due examination of your reception installation area by experts like that of Office Interior, then we can come out with a suitable professional ideal shape of the reception desk for your office front entrance. We do have in our collection desk like a curved reception desk for sale which is very suitable for small office entrance, half-circle reception desk, long reception desk which is suitable for big hotels and other places like the airport that receives so many people at a time, people can easily be coordinated, L-shape reception table, this type of reception desk is mostly installed in small offices but can also be installed in big offices which are going to be affected by the sizes of the desk to get a good match, round reception counter,

NOTE: Our experts are available for a free examination of your modern reception office area, should in case you are disturbed about how to go about things from the starting to the finishing, So why not save yourself that energy and let us do the work for you free of charge get connected to experts in our company that will show you the best designs, color, and the best reception table that will match your brand, culture.

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