Kitchen Bar Stools and, Industrial stools Dubai-Buy Best Stools at a Very Affordable Price

Office Interior provides you with all types of stools that are very suitable and comfortable. We provide stools like laboratory stools, Kitchen stools, Barstools, and other industrial stools which are heavy duty bar stools. More to that, we have other related office furniture that we provide to our clients and customers that gives their workspace a beautiful and professional look, we have numerous designs and colors that will help greatly to enhance your activities. Our prices are very considerate, matching with the feature the stool is carrying.

Due to the inclination of businesses like medical practices, exhibition centers, and tv shows, restaurants, bars, saloons, and clubs, it can be succeeded by you using the best modern stools. Bar tools have become very omnipresent nowadays due to its comfort and more to that it is very portable or mobile. With this beautiful piece of furniture, family, friends, and also strangers can have a very nice and comfortable time seating together. We have different ranges of designs, colors, and structure types despite the kind of design or theme you that you want, the black is the best because it matches any outline.

We offer you beautiful stools that you can use as a plant side-stand table which is good for decoration of your working environment. You can get a smooth plant stand for your lobby or living room if you are going for a more industrial stool from our online store.

Again, you could use one of our classic loft bar stool as a straightforward side table if you want a more industrial appearance for your living room or your man's cavern, making it look great.

We provide you with quality and friendly services all over UAE. With us, you can acquire the best quality of complete office furniture and also including unique kitchen bar and laboratory stools furniture collections.

The Bar Stools That are Made to Suit Your Needs!

We have been in this field for over a decade now and we understand and create unique modern furniture for our clients and customers to give them professional presentations of all types of furniture that will keep them outstanding in their profession. Below are some of our collections that you can buy the best stools to give your business the professional morals that you need for your business growth.

Bar Stools nowadays have become positively universal for some profound reason. These furniture pieces are one of the best stools in the market in the UAE and worldwide that allow you to put together a comfortable seating for your business. The range of our barstools can give you a perfect match in a laboratory and industrial chairs exhibition style and personality that fits any workspace you might have in mind or physically.

We also provide our clients with leather bar stools which are a handy option to promote optimum comfort and we also have the heavy-duty bar stool collection for industrial usage.

These barstools are fitting in several places and areas for different purposes as per Kitchen, Bar, beauty salon, reception area and Restaurant.

Kitchen Bar Stool – Stylish and Ergonomic

The kitchen is one of the most important places in every home. Most of the work at home is done in the kitchen, and the happiness of the family is also found in every kitchen. If you want to have more fun with your family then the bar stool is the complement which makes your time more joyful. You will get to spend more time with your family without the stress of standing throughout.

The Kitchen Bar Stool makes you have a more relaxing time with your loved ones. Even if you are having a big sized home or not, the kitchen is a significant place for everyone. You can add more comfortability and elegance to your kitchen with the Modern Bar Stool that assists you to make your kitchen more ergonomic and make the perfect place for which you can take your food with less stress.

Industrial Chairs

Having well-equipped seating furniture will not only improves the productivity of your workers but also improve their health wellness. In every sector, the workers are bound to work in both sitting or standing positions. But most of the works most especially the executive staff works in a sitting position. The presence of Ergonomic Industrial Chairs will help enhance your worker's productivity and health wellness. So we are offering a comfortable Industrial Chair to make the workspace more ease and ergonomic. Our industrial chairs are made easy to sit in the same posture and avoid health issues. (Buy best stools).

Laboratory Chairs

As to the other sectors, the laboratory should be well-taken care of and when buying furniture for the laboratory, you need to give more attention to buying ergonomic and comfortable furniture. Work in the laboratory depends more on the furniture and if the furniture is not fitting for the laboratory everything might collapse. The Laboratory Stool gives more benefits to work as more than the normal seating furniture that is, during work, productivity, and safety are maximized to the height extent. The proper seating furniture is the best stool for the lab.

The bar stool can be used for various purposes. The modern bar chairs are playing many important roles in your home and other places if there is a place like for example if you have a home bar counter in your home. Hurry up now and visit our showroom and buy a quality stylish bar stool to make your home bar more fashionable and modern.

Buy Quality Bar Stools

The open space, a cozy feeling, and quality furniture are the three key elements that make up modern family kitchen. Open space comes with the design of the architecture. A cozy feeling comes from within the family spending time harmoniously and with quality furniture, the Kiki and Arlo, are just two of our new Real Leather Bar Stools that provide you with maximum comfortability.

You can easily create a modern kitchen by simply achieving the addition of real leather which is luxury materials. Our new Kiki and Arlo real leather have a gas life as a Stainless Steel base that brings an extra comfortability.

Kiki Real Leather Bar Stools

Firstly, take a look at Kiki has a sleek shape, the Kiki real leather bar stool is manufactured for modern minimal interiors. It also has a simple footrest with a flat penny base, the features bring a change, comfort, and a beautiful real leather seat. The Kiki real leather bar stools come to a variety of colors.


  • Our bar stools are of a high standard, coupled with its beautiful design. Clean and simple shapes do bring this look to life.
  • It also has a pair of stainless steel a feature with shining brass, give it a modern look.

Arlo Real Leather Bar Stools

This bar stool is a much more luxurious and elegant real leather bar stool. Unlike Kiki, this bar stool has a thicker seat with curved backrest, that gives you higher comfort levels and you can seat for a long time to mealtimes with your family. The seat and backrest are of two separate sections providing a full seat shape. The Arlo footrest is also more structured and comfortable.

Why Choose Real Leather Bar Stools?

Leather is naturally a comfortable hard-wearing material. Unlike faux leather, the real leather is much more solid that cannot easily rip or peel, and, if properly cared is taken, (buy best stools) this will be used for a considerate period of time. Real leather is more expensive as compared to faux leather. However, it is necessary to buy a durable product. Faux leather is less costly for swiftly changing the trends, meanwhile, real leather bar stools are a good investment that normally has a classic design that does not run out of date so fast. Buy the best stools for your business at a very convenient price and of great quality.

Gas Lift Bar Stool

The gas lift bar stool is one of the best stools to buy. You can easily adjust it to your fitting at any point in time and is one of the latest trends now in the market. It is also very flexible and portable that you can move from one place to the other when even when you want to match up with counter heights. When we talk of the gas lift mechanism, we simply mean that you can seat on the stool and adjust the seat to suit your posture. This stool occupies less pace which is also an advantage.

Fixed Height Bar Stool

More to that we also have the fixed height stool that also has a fixed position. This is beneficial if you are looking for a stool that will match your counter height, this seat provides you with optimum height and a comfortable position. It has a lighter weight than gas lift bar stools, the fixed height stool is also easy to move and reposition around. This seat is also less costly as compared to the gas lift bar stool. So if you want something cheaper this will be best for you.

Cantilever Bar Stool

The cantilever bar stools technically are manufactured under fixed height, but this seat has a special remark. Just like the fixed height bar stool, the cantilever bar base provides you with a gentle bounce when seated on. It does not give as much movement as compared with the gas lift, but it is perfect to add extra comfort to your surroundings. The cantilever stool is the best when you want to open up one area for the breakfast in, this stool is good to take into consideration if you would want to create a professional and clean look for your workplace. More to that the cantilever stools have a less visual impact which helps to free up lots more space.

Are You Confuse with the Style of Bar Stool you Should Choose?

There are so many complex shapes and styles of bar stool available in our collection that are suitable for your workspace or your environment (buy best stools), there are so many amazing choices for you to choose from! To make things a bit easier for you, we have done some edit on the different variety of bar stool styles as seen below.


We have the barstool with armrests that offer you with an extra bit of support when seated on. It also offers a more comfortability when you sit on and your upper body is super supportive. Most often bar stools with armrests got a deep seat that creates and provides you with a generous and luxurious feel.

Back and Backless

The backless bar stools can be neatly tucked under your counter or your breakfast bar which helps save you some space in your surroundings, that is to say, the backless seat also has a less visual impact in your room. But if you need more support, the bar stool with a backrest is more ideal for lumbar support and added comfort for you, family and guest.


We also have the bar stool with a footrest that offers you an extra bit of help when climbing on the stool and more to that it provides you a place for you to comfortably rest your feet when seated on the chair. There are lots of varying styles available in our store but it will be best to think about what will best work within your interior (buy best stools).

Office Interior is going to answer all your questions should in case you have any unclarified doubts about any of our products, our customer service is there to give you an answer. Feel free now and hover via our products to get the best that will suit your demand.

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