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This single-seater furniture piece has the following specifications:

  • Frame: Constructed with plywood and flexible woods for durability and support.
  • Legs: Features metal legs for stability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Seat & Back: Both the seat and back are upholstered, providing comfort and style.

The approximate overall dimensions are:

  • Length: Approximately 110 centimeters (+/-)
  • Depth: Approximately 80 centimeters (+/-)
  • Height: Approximately 85 centimeters (+/-)

The "(+/-)" indicates that these dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly.

Price on request


For the upholstered seat and back of the single-seater, here's a descriptive breakdown:

Seat: Material: Typically, the seat would be padded with foam or a similar cushioning material for comfort. Upholstery: This would involve covering the foam padding with fabric, leather, or a similar material to provide a soft and aesthetically pleasing surface to sit on. The upholstery material could vary depending on the desired look and feel, ranging from durable fabrics to luxurious leather. Stitching: The upholstery might feature stitching details for both functional and decorative purposes, providing reinforcement and adding visual interest to the seat. Back: Padding: Similar to the seat, the backrest would likely feature padding for comfort, typically made of foam or a similar material. Upholstery: The backrest would also be upholstered with fabric, leather, or another suitable material to match or complement the seat upholstery. This covering would provide a comfortable surface to lean against. Design: The design of the backrest upholstery may vary depending on the overall style of the single-seater, ranging from simple and sleek to more elaborate patterns or textures. Construction: The upholstery would be securely attached to the frame of the single-seater, ensuring durability and stability over time. Overall, the upholstered seat and back of the single-seater would combine comfort and style, providing a welcoming and visually appealing seating experience

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