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SF 04

"L 70(+/-)": This indicates the length of the object, with a specified measurement of approximately 70 units. The "(+/-)" signifies that the actual length may vary slightly, either larger or smaller, around the 70-unit mark. This variation could be due to manufacturing tolerances or other factors.

"D 70(+/-)": This denotes the depth of the object, also with a specified measurement of around 70 units, with a similar allowance for slight variation.

"H 90(+/-)": This represents the height of the object, with a specified measurement of approximately 90 units, again with a similar allowance for slight variation.

So, to sum up, the object described has approximate dimensions of 70 units in length, 70 units in depth, and 90 units in height, with some tolerance for variation in each dimension.

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Introducing our sleek and stylish Single Seater, a harmonious fusion of contemporary design and comfort. Crafted with precision and elegance, this piece embodies sophistication while offering unparalleled relaxation.

Frame: Constructed with high-quality plywood and flexible woods, the frame ensures durability and stability, promising enduring support. The seamless integration of chrome legs adds a touch of modernity, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

Seat & Back: Designed for utmost comfort, the Single Seater features plush upholstery for the seat and backrest. Sink into luxurious softness as you unwind after a long day, feeling embraced by the gentle contours that conform to your body's natural curves. Whether you're lounging with a book or engaging in conversation, this seat provides unparalleled relaxation.

Finish: Our Single Seater is available in a diverse range of stain colors, allowing you to customize according to your preference and interior decor. From classic neutrals to bold statement hues, each finish exudes timeless charm and versatility, effortlessly complementing any space.

Experience the epitome of sophistication and comfort with our Single Seater—an embodiment of craftsmanship, style, and relaxation.

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