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SF 03

The dimensions provided are for an object, likely a piece of furniture or appliance, specified as follows:

  • Length (L): Approximately 125 units (the unit could be inches, centimeters, etc.).
  • Depth (D): Approximately 70 units.
  • Height (H): Approximately 90 units.

The dimensions are given with a tolerance of +/-, indicating that the actual dimensions may vary slightly within a certain range around the specified measurements. For example, the actual length could be anywhere from slightly less than 125 units to slightly more than 125 units, and similarly for depth and height.

Without knowing the specific unit of measurement (inches, centimeters, etc.), it's not possible to determine the exact size of the object. However, it's clear that it's a moderately sized item, likely used in domestic or commercial settings.

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The two-seater sofa features a sturdy frame crafted from plywood and flexible woods, ensuring durability and stability. Its sleek chrome legs provide a modern touch while offering reliable support. The seat and back are upholstered for comfort, providing a plush surface to relax on.

With multiple stain colors available for the finish, you have the flexibility to choose the option that best complements your decor style. The dimensions of the sofa are approximately L 125 cm in length, D 70 cm in depth, and H 90 cm in height, offering ample seating space while maintaining a compact footprint suitable for various living spaces.


The furniture piece boasts a harmonious blend of comfort and sophistication, inspired by lavish and opulent settings. Its design exudes a sense of luxury while ensuring a comfortable experience for anyone who sits on it.


Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the frame is constructed from high-quality plywood and flexible woods. This combination ensures structural integrity while allowing for a slight flexibility that enhances comfort.


Adding a touch of contemporary flair, the chrome legs provide a sleek and polished foundation for the piece. Not only do they offer stability, but they also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal, elevating the visual allure of the furniture.

Seat & Back:

The seat and back are generously upholstered, promising a plush and indulgent seating experience. Whether relaxing after a long day or entertaining guests, the upholstered seat and back offer both support and softness, enveloping the sitter in luxury.


Available in a myriad of stain colors, the finish options allow for personalization to suit various decor styles and preferences. Whether opting for a rich mahogany, a contemporary ebony, or a classic oak, the multiple stain choices ensure versatility and adaptability to any environment.

Overall, this furniture piece is not only a functional addition to any space but also a statement of style and sophistication, marrying comfort with elegance in a stunning display of craftsmanship and design.

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